Campbell Custom

Welcome! Here you might find a confusing assortment of what-have-you’s...
FOC loses money every year, so feel free to support by purchasing some of this random junk.
tieFaces.jpg FoC Style Necktie (Featuring Your Face)
These are polyester ties featuring a picture of your face! Show everyone how great you are with this tie. I will need a picture to complete the process.
Price: $10.00
postModernLee Pop Art Lee Print Large
Lee's Face in so many Colors! Start a conversation before they realize it's crawling with maggots... The Large Print is 20x30
Price: $22.00
postModernLee Pop Art Lee Print Medium
Mid Size Print of Our Baby boy! This print is 24 by 16
Price: $15.00
postModernLee Pop Art Lee Print Small
This is a mounted color Laser Print at 8.5x11
Price: $5.50
protoTowel.jpg Proto-Towel
This is the towel used in prototyping the tie-toner-transfer method! It is one of a kind and incredibly over priced... mostly because I don't want to part with it, you don't want it, and this is the very first item I have posted in the store.
Price: $50.00
keychain.jpg FoC KeyChain
This is an etched copper clad PCB blank made to spell FoC. Yes it is FREE and yes shipping is 3 dollars. Takes a day or two to ship.
Price: $0.00